About Us

     Hello, my name is Andi and I am from Austria.In 2011, I came to Thailand where I married my lovely wife Mo.

      We began to think about our plans and what to do for our future.

I thought, why not do something that involves my greatest passion? Which is fishing! My whole life I have been a fisherman and as a young boy I would always be found at the nearby Lakes, Rivers and ponds of my native country, Austria.

     Over the years I would also travel to nearby countries, catching giant Wels catfish on Italy’s river Po and Cod, Saithe and Halibut in Norway.

      Many years ago I started traveling to Thailand and noticed a lot of fishing parks and natural lakes where I could enjoy catching various types of fish species.

     After a long search, we eventually found the perfect property only 30 minutes away from Korat city centre, in the small village of Ban Salagdai. We built the House and dug the lake on former rice fields in a very secluded location, offering a calm and relaxing environment with nobody to disturb you.

      We would like to inform you that we have four Dogs; three German Shepherds and one Thai dog. They are very friendly and not disturbing.  In the daytime, they are enclosed in their dog house and at night, they run free to take care of the land.  The dogs are NOT allowed to come in to the house, on the house terrace, around the pool area, or near the guest quarters.  If you have a fear or afraid of dogs, we will ensure they stay enclosed in their dog house at night as well.