If you want a day off from Fishing or you are not a fishing guest and would like to explore Korat city and its surroundings, we have some other activities for you.


Phimai Historical Park and Sai Ngam Banyan Tree Grove:

These sites are 40 minutes away from our resort in the town of Phimai.  Thailand's great Northeastern plateau is found to have numerous temples of various sizes.
Most of these structures are believed to be approximately a 1,000 years old and built by the people of Brahmanic culture.  These buildings are built of brick and sandstone or a combination of both materials.  The basic structure is built from three to five-stories high and surmounted by Buddhist statues with a low base and short spires.

Phimai is the most spectacular and important city in this region.  Geographically, this sanctuary is located on a high plain surrounded by three large canals.  No one knows who actually built Phimai, or why it was built at the particular site it occupies.  However, one source declares, "It was built in the 12th century and some years before Angkor Wat."  Monsieur H. Parmentier, the Angkorean expert, after a detail study at Phimai came to the conclusion that the temple was built in the reign of King Suriyavoraman (A.D. 1002-1049).  He held that its architectural style closely resembled Angkorean buildings.

Prasat Him Phimai, which is the largest sandstone sanctuary in Thailand, is almost situated in the center of ancient Phimai city.  Its rectangular shape is 655 meters wide and 1,033 meters long.  Nowadays, the Sanctuary looks magnificently restored and renovated.  This fascinating ancient Khmer architecture has been preserved as the National Historical Park.  The monument itself is surrounded with two red sandstone walls.  The external wall and the gallery are punctuated by gate towers (Gopura) at four cardinal points, North, South, East and West.     











Phimai is also home to one of Thailand’s spookier sights:  Sai Ngam Banyan Tree Grove.  Sai Ngam feels like the setting for a twisted horror film where the trees come alive and strangle unsuspecting passerbies and locals believe it is home to potent terrestrial spirits.  For photographers or anyone who appreciates the eerie, Sai Ngam makes a visit to Phimai all the more worthwhile.  Sai Ngam is supposedly the largest of these banyan groves in Thailand, spanning an area of some 1,350 square meters.





A guided half day trip:  1,000 THB for 1 person.  Two people or more 700 THB per person.  Admission fee not included in the historical park. (100 THB per person)



Dan Kwian Ceramics Village

Dan Kwian Ceramics Village is approximately 30 km away from our resort and has been producing pottery and ceramic pieces for generations.  At the village, you will find many facilities producing these items featuring beautiful Thai paintings and designs.  The rust-coloured clay here is used for reproductions of classic designs.  Guests can observe how they make the ceramic pottery and also purchase some of the art work.



A guided half day trip:  1,000 THB for 1 person.  Two people or more 700 THB per person.  Admission fee not included in the historical park. (100 THB per person)


Nakhon Rathasima City (Also known as:  Korat)

Korat city have a big modern Shopping center called The Mall.  There are two additional shopping centers under construction:  Terminal 21 and Central World.

In town, you can find many traditional Thai markets.  Some markets open very early in the morning, others around mid-day and some in the evening.  The largest and most famous night market in Korat is called Save-One, which offers a large variety of items that will suit your shopping needs.  You will notice that not many tourists visit this market.  

If you want to explore the city on your own, you can use public transportation for 20 THB from or village to the city center bus station.  If you prefer to explore Korat city alone, we will provide you with a mobile phone to contact us for information or for emergency situations.