The Resort

    Our motto is private but yet sociable.

Think about that!  We have only three rooms for rent and only two fishing points for two Anglers.

AndiMo´s Fishing Park offers a peaceful and beautiful rural setting where you can spend your time to relax while waiting for the big catch.

    Relax by the pool or on the house terrace.  Even you can enjoy a game on the pool table.  Sit on the Terrace Bar and look out across the lake to deep green rice fields and palm groves as far as you can see.  In fact, our resort is in such a perfect setting it suits anyone looking for the peace and tranquillity of the Thai countryside.

Because the landscape is quite flat, we have splendid and spectacular sunsets for you to enjoy with cool refreshments available.

    For your physical well-being, we have a choice of international food and Thai food as well.  Due to the fact that we only have a small number of guests, we can be flexible with food selection. If you stay a couple of days in our resort we will try to fulfill your every wish.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks on the site.
All food and drinks has to be purchased on the site.


We would like to inform you that we have three Dogs; two German Shepherds and one Thai dog.  They are very friendly and not disturbing.  In the daytime, they are enclosed in their dog house and at night, they run free to take care of the land.  The dogs are NOT allowed to come in to the house, on the house terrace, around the pool area, or near the guest quarters.  If you have a fear or afraid of dogs, we will ensure they stay enclosed in their dog house at night as well.