Fishing Rules

The Fishing

      Limited Fishing. We decided to make the fishing park a private but yet sociable experience; which means that we only welcome  a maximum of three anglers per day on the lake, two anglers on the fishing point at the fishing cottage and one angler on the point close to the main house. The fishing point close to the house have a large luxury guest quarters and the other fishing point has its own luxury fisherman’s cottage with private fishing jetty.

      If our rooms are not booked or are occupied by non-fishing guests then we will welcome day fishers.

      Fishing is allowed with two rods; one predator rod and one carp rod. It is not allowed to share rods.

Rods, baits and electronic bite indicators are provided.

A 3rd additional rod can be purchased for 1000 THB per day

      Day ticket non staying guests the fishing times are from 8am to 7pm.

      For guests staying at our resort the fishing times are from 7am through 8pm, this is two hours extra fishing during prime fishing time.

It is not allowed to bring your own baits into the fishing park. 

     Fishing is allowed with our rods only.


Fish Care

      Each fish must be unhooked in the water.

      We inform you that some fish have sharp fins gills and teeth.

      Follow our instructions. We will assist you on handling any fish for a nice photo.

      For a photo, you will have to go into the water where you can lift the fish for your photo. Shower facilities are in place and nearby.

      Arapaima fish should never be lifted entirely clear of the water. This can cause serious injuries to the fish which could lead to death.

      If your neighbor has a big fish he/she can't control and is running thru your fishing cord, you will be required to reel in your rods. Maybe it's the fish or catch of their life.  I’m sure he/she will appreciate it and be grateful of your kindness.

We not give any refund for late arrival or early termination of fishing in your responsibility.

It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the site.
Food and drinks have to be purchased on the site.